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LittleIpsum Proposed UI - Grant Hutchinson

The goal of LittleIpsum is to allow you to generate the exact amount of Latin text you need as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the current “count up” method doesn’t achieve this goal as elegantly as it could. Last week I created a quick video showcasing what I had been tinkering with, with a call to help to any designers to make the next iteration of LittleIpsum be as amazing as it can.

Some great folks over on Dribbble (thank you Grant Hutchinson, Faruk Ateş, Kyle Pickering), and myself decided to mock up a few different possible interaction methods. As I’m a firm believer of user testing and quick iterations, I’ve decided to create interactive versions of their proposed UIs to gather feedback (to the Flash haters: it’s the quickest way of getting this to the world).

The first interactive method is by Grant Hutchinson: Click here to view it.

Grant’s Descripton:

Earlier today, Dustin Senos requested some feedback on a proposed UI for his nifty LittleIpsum utility. The problem involves how you might simplify and streamline the way specific chunks of faux-Latin text can be selected via the menubar item.

My suggestion was to represent the various bits of text (words, sentences, and paragraphs) as blocks, similar to the way you would abstractly ‘Greek’ text in a layout. By dragging the cursor through the ‘text blocks’, you immediately see the amount of text being generated and placed on the clipboard.

Over the next week I’ll add the other proposed UIs for feedback. Please let us know in the comments what you like / dislike each approach.

Once again, huge thank you to everyone who contributed on Twitter and Dribbble towards making LittleIpsum awesome!




LittleIpsum Approved in Mac App Store?

Less than an hour ago I received an interesting tweet from @6t9:

@_ds LittleIpsum has apparently been approved, lol  -

Unbeknownst to me, LittleIpsum has been approved in the Apple Mac Store. Its release date is scheduled for tomorrow — January 13th, 2010. For those who haven’t seen the earlier blog post, LittleIpsum had been previously rejected from the app store for “Not being useful enough.”

I’m interested to hear what Apple’s response will be as they didn’t reply to my last email where I stated that I refuse to “incorporate additional features to enhance the user experience” as they had previous requested.

Since the original binary was submitted a few months ago, the version on the app store does not include the latest changes applied in LittleIpsum 1.1.2. Hopefully they’ll approve the new binary shortly.

Apple, you continue to amaze me with your revolutionary and magical approval process.

Thanks for the support everyone, hopefully it was the fact that I linked to your wonderful tweets & blog posts that opened Apple’s eyes.



LittleIpsum 1.1.2 Launched

LittleIpsum 1.1.2 was officially released yesterday brining performance improvements, bug fixes, and 10.5+ support. Below are the official release notes:

  • 10.5+ now supported. Tell your friends! (Huge thanks to Grant Hutchinson for enabling this update
  • Application uses even less system resources
  • Control + Click now flags the generation of HTML
  • Clicking on the menu icon quickly no longer makes the counter increment faster
  • No longer possible to get an empty string when copying one word
  • HTML paragraphs no longer have stray space before each closing tag. (thanks Grant)
  • Anonymous usage statistics are now sent (opt in) to enable future improvements of LittleIpsum
  • Fixed a memory issue when setting LittleIpsum to launch at startup
  • "Start LittleIpsum at Login" now defaults to enabled as this is how most menu bar applications work

This release is meant to get LittleIpsum as stable and solid as possible for you before we dive into a new interface.

I’m incredibly excited about the addition of anonymous usage statistics. By being able to see how everyone is using LittleIpsum I’ll be able to make improvements based off real world data and not assumptions. As expected sending anonymous usage statistics is opt-in and is accessible in the preferences window.

Thanks for using LittleIpsum!



The Opposite Direction of The Mac App Store

As I mentioned in an earlier post LittleIpsum was denied from the upcoming Apple Mac Store for not offering enough usefulness or entertainment value. The announcement caused quite a stir as many users voiced the usefulness of LittleIpsum in their daily routine (thank you!).

So where does that leave us?

Going in the opposite direction of the app store. I’m continuing to develop LittleIpsum while adding support for older Macs and versions of OS X. I’ve updated the LittleIpsum codebase, fixed various issues, improved performance and added support for OS X 10.5 (the app store requires applications to support 10.6+ only (non ppc)). The upcoming release of LittleIpsum has been tested on both Intel and PowerPC chipsets in 10.5+ (thanks to Grant Hutchinson for a loaner machine). Expect an in-app update prompt later this week.

The next milestone for LittleIpsum is to increase the speed at which you can get the exact amount of placeholder text you need (as this is the largest complaint thus far). There are a million ways to achieve this, I’m making sure to spend the time to test various approaches to suit your needs the best.

LittleIpsum will forever remain a free application (it was queued to be a free in the app store). That being said, development and time will forever remain not free. I would be incredibly honoured and thankful if you’d like to donate to the LittleIpsum project. Donate the amount you feel LittleIpsum is worth to you—99 cents would be thankfully accepted.

I’m honoured for the support, encouragement and general joy I’ve gotten from all of you comments, tweets, write-ups, and links so far. Thanks for joining me on this project and making me want to continue to do what I love to do (build things).

Really appreciate it,

Dustin Senos


Brian Hoff — Tools and services I couldn’t live without in 2010

The ever talented Brian Hoff has listed LittleIpsum as a tool he (maybe) wouldn’t be able to live with in 2010. Incredibly honoured to be featured. It’s always inspiring to see people “in the wild” using LittleIpsum.


Dribbble Blog: Holiday Happy Hour


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On Thursday, December 16th, we’ll be hosting Holiday Happy Hour! At 2pm…


Mac App Store Denial

Update: LittleIpsum is now available in the Mac App Store?

LittleIpsum v1.1.1 has been officially denied at the Mac App store due to not meeting the following guideline:

2.8   Apps that are not very useful or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected

As I mentioned in a an earlier post I feared this would be the reason for rejection. The concepts of “useful” and “entertainment value” are incredibly subjective, so it’s a tough reason to be denied as there’s no clear fix to meet the guideline. I’m going to continue development as planned for the v1.2.0 release and hopefully that will nest LittleIpsum in Apple’s mind as being “useful”. I could either raise my hands in the air and walk away, or keep my chin up and keep developing. Because LittleIpsum currently has in-app updating the end users will still get the benefit regardless of it being in the App store.

Thanks for the support everyone and using LittleIpsum!


Dustin Senos


Waiting for Review - Mac App Store

LittleIpsum 1.1.1 is currently pending review by one of the lovely folks over at Apple. I’m hoping the reviewer understands the purpose of the application (as it’s incredibly simple) and doesn’t deem it as not offering enough usefulness. Only time will tell if I will become a proud developer in the App store or a developer cursing Apple’s iron fist on submission guidelines.


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